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Category of Membership

Voting Member

Any Seafood trading and brokerage companies, processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers are qualified to apply and application will be subjected to the approval by the Board of Directors.

Non - Voting Affiliated Member

Any seafood related companies such as airlines, packaging companies, gel pak, cold storage, and etc.


  • Members will receive support from the Association on issues that affect their well-beings.
  • Members will receive regular enhancement update on product knowledge from seminars, bulletin pertaining to seafood industry.
  • Association will assist members in creating a more beneficial cooperation maintaining harmony in this segment of seafood industry.


Members must be in good standing with all regulatory agencies of goverment,
  • Pay annual membership fee,
  • Provide full support and abide by the bylaws of the Association, and
  • Be reasonable with the community that they serve.

Membership Annual Fee

       Voting Member                                          Cdn$150/year
       Non Voting Affiliated Member                       Cdn$100/year

Please mail the application form with the membership fee.
 Download Application form


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